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How Google works - a basic guide for newbies 2021

How Google works – a basic guide for newbies 2021

Feb 12, 2021 | Websites

A basic guide about Google’s web crawler and how it goes about viewing your website

Google’s reading your page, but what is it reading?

Picture a high street. Let’s call it Ebee Street.

Shops are popping up everyday on this high street. Some open fully ready. Some businesses open with the bare bones needed to get going.

Some of the shops have beautifully dressed windows and clear signs. Other shops on the street are hanging their awnings and filling their windows with stock.

Now imagine that there is a lady working as a local information guide. She’s Goo Gal. Everyday she walks up and down the street, checking out the businesses. Sometimes she looks at a business to see if there’s been any change. Sometimes she checks out the new businesses to see what they do. Basically, she spends her days window shopping. Why? So she has the best information.

It’s her job to offer guidance and information to people. She guides newcomers to where they need to go based on her local knowledge.

This is what Google Web Crawler does. Everyday new websites popping up or existing sites are being updated. Google’s Web Crawler ‘indexes’ new sites and visits existing sites to check if there are any changes.

Google Web Crawler looks through your shop window which in this case is your website. Google can read every word written on your site. It looks at the tags on pictures. The Google Web Crawler will literally crawl through every page of your site. And it is EFFICIENT.

When indexing your site the Web Crawler will check every word, every link and every picture. 

So what can you do to improve your SEO ranking in 2021?

This is where Search Engine Optimisation comes in. SEO is the cornerstone of all good websites. Ensure the Google Web Crawler knows exactly who you are and what you do by use of careful Search Engine Optimisation. Most importantly, good SEO will ensure Google trusts you and that can only help your ranking. Check out another article When will Google see me? to learn more.

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