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Web Design

We specialise in lead generation websites built bespoke for your business.

Web Design Cost Calculator

See how much a typical agency & freelancer would charge compared to our rates.

PPC Management

Google Ads PPC management to drive you quantifiable leads.

PPC Cost Calculator

See how much a typical agency & freelancer would charge compared to our rates.

SEO Services

From on-page SEO through to technical SEO. We can write content to boost your ranking.

Graphic Design

Logo design, flyers, leaflets, van livery and more. We have a team of specialists.

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About Digital Paw Marketing Agency and what makes us tick.

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A small portfolio of work we’ve carried out over the years.

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A range of articles to help small businesses looking to grow. We cover websites, SEO, Google updates, Analytics and more.


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Paid search specialists

A digital marketing agency for small businesses (SMEs).

A digital marketing agency who specialise in lead generation. We build websites that convert. We carry out extensive keyword research and get to know your business before we even start to build your website. Unlike large agencies, you’ll speak to the web designer directly. We do not charge project management fees either. With a deep understand of business strategy and marketing, we’ll learn more about your business and ambitions. We’ll then build a website geared towards helping you achieve your goals.

With over 16 years experience you’ll be in good hands. We speak to our clients at a time that suits them – often outside of the 9-5 hours. We empower our clients to manage their own website and PPC so they come to us when they choose to.

Kirsty Airey Wedding Photographer website designed by Digital Paw

We specialise in a few key services:

Web design

We are a web design agency which specialise in WordPress CMS. We build bespoke websites that give our clients the freedom to make changes to their site without the need of an agency.

PPC management

With years of experience under our belt, we’re PPC specialists. We’ve worked with monthly budgets as low as £50 a month all the way up to £30k a month. We make every penny count, focusing on targeted results.

SEO & content writing

We can optimise a website’s SEO to maximise it’s potential to rank. We can write powerful and high ranking content for clients to support long term growth of a business.

Graphic design

We can design offline and online collateral to help businesses target their audience the right way, first time. We’ve got over 20 years experience in design so know all there is to making an effective advert.

Measurable improvements that matter.

Our clients are typically small businesses who realise they have the potential to grow online if they can scale up. We build websites and manage their PPC campaigns to deliver measurable improvements.


A few improvements we’ve made for our clients:

  • Remade an old website for a SMART mobile repairer which improved his leads from 2 a week to an average of 5 a day.
  • Created a PPC campaign for a leather repairer who sees around 15 high quality leads a day from a small monthly budget.
  • Created a website for a dog cage builder who now receives all his leads from his website without any advertising spend.
  • We took a B2B commercial roofing company who previously spent £500 on Google Ads and got no leads, to an average of 20 high quality leads a month from a £200 monthly budget.
Supreme Leather Restorations London website design

Web design.

We’ve got over 16 years experience in web design. We specialise in lead generation websites and everything we do works towards getting you leads.

What you get with Digital Paw

A bespoke website design

You won’t have an off-the-shelf template with us. We design each website for each client, making it completely bespoke to their needs, their services and their audience.

Analysis & SEO research

We carry out detailed analysis on your industry, who your competitors are and detailed SEO research before starting a web design. It’s vital the website is seen by search engines and ranked so you can see leads coming in.

The price of a freelancer with the benefits of an agency

An agency will typically charge between £50 and £75 an hour for their time. A freelancer is much cheaper at just £25-50. We keep our rates as low as a freelancer and for larger websites we typically charge a little less.

Continued support

We give you the training and support to help you use your website without us. However if you come to us for a small amend that takes us less that 15 minutes, we’ll make the change without charge. It’s why we have such longstanding clients – if they’re in a pickle, we’re happy to help.

Deep Clean Extreme website design by Digital Paw Marketing Agency

PPC management.

With two in-house specialists we’re rockstars at PPC management. We setup PPC accounts for clients, create Google campaigns and Ad Groups. We offer monthly management should you need it, or we can go in and carry out a PPC audit when you want it.

What we can do to help your PPC

Setup a Google PPC campaign with AdGroups

We’ll carry out keyword research for you, analyse how best to group your keywords to maximise performance and then review the best structure. We’ll learn more about your services and so we can identify opportunities and then put it together for you. We’ll then monitor the campaign for several weeks and make minor amends to further improve it for you.

Reduce your cost per lead

Google Ads PPC can be expensive. We’re passionate about data and will carry out a deep dive to assess how best to reduce your cost per lead whilst maintaining or improving your lead numbers.

Increase your lead volume

We treat our clients accounts like we would our own. Every penny matters – and if that same spend can draw in more leads we’ll make sure it does.

Target the areas that drive your business

We’ll work with you to understand your business. We’ll want to know what service is your bread and butter, what service drives the most profit and what you want to achieve. We’ll then create a PPC strategy to help you drive those areas.

Google 3d logo

SEO services & content writing.

We’re a small business SEO company. We utilise on-page SEO techniques, where we optimise the content to improve the ranking. We also carry out technical SEO where we’ll review the site-architecture.

We have an ex-English head teacher leading the content for us at Digital Paw Marketing Agency. He’s ready with his red pen to review the copy and edit it so it meets your audiences expectations.

Where we can help your SEO

SEO audit.

We’ll take a look at your Google Analytics account. We’ll utilise SEO tools like SEMrush to run an analysis on all the webpages you have, looking for duplicate content, 404 errors, and low-hanging fruit (easy opportunities to improve a page ranking).

SEO improvements.

When you have a website built by Digital Paw, we’ll have setup a website with a SEO friendly site structure and already optimised your site for SEO. If you’re looking for an SEO agency that can deliver fresh content, run through some critical improvements to your website for you then we’re here to help.

Content writing.

A big part of what we do is write content for our clients. Whether it be a new landing page, a blog, flyers or more. With our ex-English head teacher working with us we’re able to write a variety of content. Particularly if you’re looking for that content to boost your SEO.

Dial A Dent Kent Surrey London

Graphic design.

We’ve got two highly experienced graphic designers with a combination of over 22 years in graphic design. Both our graphic designers work on offline collateral such as flyers, leaflets, van livery, business cards to name a few. They’re also proficient with online web design such as social media posts, web design, emails and more. Both our graphic designers have a deep passion for branding so you’ll get a well thought logo from us should you need one.

How we can help with your graphic design

Logo design.

We’ve helped many a startup with their first professional logo. A logo speaks professionalism, or cheapness, trust and worth. It’s often the least considered part for a startup, yet it deserves the most time as it sets the tone for everything a customer sees.

Offline collateral.

If you’re looking for help with a shop frontage design, a vinyl wrap for your vehicle, leaflets, letterheads, business cards etc., then speak to us.

Online collateral.

If you’re looking for help to create a powerful Powerpoint presentation, or you’re after some online visuals for your social media. We’ve got the software, experience and passion to help you.

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