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We specialise in lead generation websites built bespoke for your business.

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See how much a typical agency & freelancer would charge compared to our rates.

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Google Ads PPC management to drive you quantifiable leads.

PPC Cost Calculator

See how much a typical agency & freelancer would charge compared to our rates.

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From on-page SEO through to technical SEO. We can write content to boost your ranking.

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Logo design, flyers, leaflets, van livery and more. We have a team of specialists.

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About Digital Paw Marketing Agency and what makes us tick.

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A range of articles to help small businesses looking to grow. We cover websites, SEO, Google updates, Analytics and more.


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SEO Services for small businesses

Content writing, on-site & technical SEO.

We offer affordable SEO services to small businesses in the UK.

SEO services for small businesses.

Knowing the best SEO practises to get your website ranking can be hard. However you’re not alone. We can look at your website’s structure, what keywords are performing well and help you to make improvements to get your website ranking higher.

Making measurable SEO improvements

A few examples of SEO improvements:

  • A psychotherapy company in Cumbria asked us to create a new website for them which ranks between position 1 and 5 on page one for all their top search terms
  • A carpet cleaning company’s previous website wasn’t ranking. We rebuilt their site, writing all the content for them and they’re now on page 1, position 7 for their top keyword.
  • A SMART repairer in Kent wanted to rank for SMART repairs locally. They’re on page one for all their main keywords

What you can expect from us:


SEO friendly

We don’t use underhand SEO tactics that could potentially get you booted off Google for life. We keep up to date with the latest SEO measures and write content that boosts your overall website performance.

Improved lead generation

The overall purpose of boosting your SEO is to increase your lead conversion. We don’t waste our time on keywords that aren’t suited to get you more leads. We put our efforts into increasing your lead generation.

Increase your site impressions

To get you more leads we need to increase your impressions (the number of times Google presents your site as an option to the user). We will get you more impressions thus creating more opportunity for leads.

Increase your organic traffic

There is no point in working on your SEO if we don’t improve your organic traffic. We’ll monitor this and ensure you see an increase within 3 months of changes made. Why 3 months? SEO takes time but you should see results by then.

The power of an SEO agency but the price of a freelancer.

Price is important for a small business. It’s why we offer competitive rates whilst delivering the high-standards that you should expect from an SEO agency.

SEO thought out for your business.

Every SEO strategy we implement is based on each client and their needs. We need to learn how your users interact with your business, what services you’re looking to promote versus what services your customers are looking at currently. We’ll explore your website journey and see what improvements are needed. We’ll look at your content and assess why it’s not ranking as well as it should.

What we’ll learn about your business so we can help with your SEO

  • What you’re after. We’ll look at your goals and aspirations. We’ll analyse your local and national success for your search terms and see what you want to see improve.
  • We’ll look at your audience. It’s important to understand who your target audience is so that we can tailor the content to their needs. We’d even look at imagery that could help them to convert into a lead.
  • We’ll work with you to create a list of essential keywords to rank for and see where they currently sit. If there are search terms ranking on page two, we’ll focus on these first to get them to page one for you. Then look at the others.
  • We’ll review the success after three months. Google rankings aren’t immediate. SEO takes time but three months should be a good timeframe.

You don’t have to worry about paying monthly for improvements although this is the best course of action. We offer flexibility to help, so if you wanted to review when you’re ready and come back to us, we can make the SEO service a project based one.

cumbria psychology ranking on page one SEO Google

Content written by an English teacher

You really did read that right. We have an English teacher who writes content for our clients. When it comes to the master of the English language, we truly have the expertise.

Website content is a lot more than just a bit of text. While you can make your website look lovely (even with a template service like Wix) the words you use and the content you create can have a massive impact. Not only is your content for your potential clients, it also needs to appeal to Google and other search engines (known as SEO).

Content writing is a sophisticated process that can affect your business in all sorts of ways. As specialists, what we design for you will meet all of your needs to help you build a brilliant future for your business.

Is SEO right for your business?

SEO doesn’t produce quick results unlike PPC. It takes longer to see the results of your investment. This tends to be why a lot of small businesses feel nervous about seeking an agency for their SEO. 

A few things to consider to know if SEO is right for your business

  1. Are you heavily reliant on your website to gain leads for your business?
  2. Do you currently spend money on PPC or social ads?
  3. Are you looking to make long-term improvements to your website to reduce reliance on paid advertising?
  4. Are you looking to increase your leads?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions then it’s a good idea to look at your website and SEO. For an immediate flow of increased leads you’re better off using PPC and social ads, but if you want to see your spend decrease over time on paid advertising then investing into SEO can achieve this.


What are our SEO rates?

We don’t hide our prices at Digital Paw. It’s frustrating when you have to speak to someone to find out the basic information that will decide whether you’re going to use that company or not. As we aren’t sales people, we want to make sure you have the information you need before you get in touch with us.

Our prices are dependent on the amount of work we carry out and whether it’s project based or monthly. For monthly SEO support our rates start from £300. For a project based review our rates start from £800. See below for a more detailed view.

How does this compare to an agency and freelancer?

Typically an agency will start from £500 per month for small businesses whilst a freelancer will charge £250.

SEO Monthly

£300 a month

  • SEO review and targets set
  • technical SEO changes (website structure, 404 errors, orphan pages etc.)
  • on page optimisation to your current pages
  • conversion rate optimisation
  • website usability
  • content written. This can be changes to a page on your website, or writing one blog a month.
  • we concentrate on a list of keywords that matter to your business. Typically this will be 2 keywords during that month.

    SEO Project

    From £800

    • SEO review and targets set
    • technical SEO changes (website structure, 404 errors, orphan pages etc.)
    • on page optimisation to your current pages
    • conversion rate optimisation
    • website usability
    • content written
    • we concentrate on at least 5 keywords that matter to your business. The more keywords, the more hours we require which impacts the price.

      SEO King Monthly

      From £500 a month

      • SEO review and targets set
      • technical SEO changes (website structure, 404 errors, orphan pages etc.)
      • on page optimisation to your current pages
      • conversion rate optimisation
      • website usability
      • content written x3
      • we concentrate on a list of keywords that matter to your business. Typically this will be 4 keywords during that month.

        Content writing reviews

        All round, I’d recommend Digital Paw

        “I had a website built by Digital Paw. I wanted some help with my Facebook posts and content as I just haven’t the time to commit to either of these. So far I’m genuinely impressed. The content is long, written superbly, and has got me some great engagement on my Facebook page. All round, I’d recommend Digital Paw”

        Matthew – Transcend Coaching

        The results are too good to miss out on

        “Digital Paw manage my Facebook posts for me as I have a few other ventures so I forget to keep my page updated. I did promise to get them content for the website but lost the motivation throughout COVID lockdown. To my surprise, they’d written a few articles for me to see how it would perform on Facebook. The results are too good to miss out on so I’m getting more content written monthly.”

        James Brennan – Mental Health Midlands

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How do I know I will get the best quality content?
        We are a small business that works with our fellow SMEs, we pride ourselves on our bespoke and creative work. We dedicate a great deal of time and effort ensuring that you receive pertinent, interesting and well-written pieces that are well researched. Everything we write is prepared by our in-house content manager, who happens to be an ex-English teacher! What we write for you reflects on us, as you can see, we take pride in the work we undertake for our clients. Don’t believe us? Check out this recent blog post for Mental Health West Midlands or this one for Transcend Coaching
        Can you meet tight deadlines?

        100%, we are dedicated to our clients and we absolutely never take on more than we can handle to allow us to be as responsible to the needs of businesses like yours. You never know when a major story will hit the news and you’ll need a blog post in response

        What does the price include?

        Everything needed to deliver you blindingly brilliant content! With research and drafting, a single post of 1000+ words (the optimum length to really get Google loving your page) will typically take 4-5 hours. Then a further hour to get it published online. The post will be readability checked (how easy to follow is it) and SEO checked too!. Choose the right plan, and we’ll even be able to use social media to really drive traffic to your posts!

        Our work with one of our clients lead to 50% of all traffic to their website being to the blogs and a significantly reduced bounce rate (the number of people seeing the site and quickly leaving – we actually have a our own post about that!)

        When will I pay for the SEO work?

        Due to the nature of the work, payment is required up front at the beginning of each month. Naturally, we can arrange exactly how many posts you get each month in order to manage costs for you! Project based work requires an upfront payment also.

        Do I own the content, and can I modify it at all?

        Absolutely! As with our website design, we don’t believe in holding our fellow SMEs to ransom. You’re buying a service from us, not renting it. And if you’re worried about updating it yourself, we’ll always be on hand to help out!

        Is there a minimum contract length?

        Our contracts are a minimum of 3 months. This gives us the best chance to prove the difference we can make. In just two months our clients see a noticeable increase in pageviews and search rankings.
        It can take up to 2.5 months to see a difference while Google builds up data to see if it can trust you. But we always see results.

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