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We specialise in lead generation websites built bespoke for your business.

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See how much a typical agency & freelancer would charge compared to our rates.

PPC Management

Google Ads PPC management to drive you quantifiable leads.

PPC Cost Calculator

See how much a typical agency & freelancer would charge compared to our rates.

SEO Services

From on-page SEO through to technical SEO. We can write content to boost your ranking.

Graphic Design

Logo design, flyers, leaflets, van livery and more. We have a team of specialists.

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About Digital Paw Marketing Agency and what makes us tick.

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A small portfolio of work we’ve carried out over the years.

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A range of articles to help small businesses looking to grow. We cover websites, SEO, Google updates, Analytics and more.


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About Us

We’re proud to be a small business. We’re proud we’re a family-run business. Inspired by our two dogs, and motivated thanks to our two daughters, there is more to life than work, and that’s family.

We couldn’t be prouder to be a small family-run business

We are a small agency and with that we understand how small businesses (SMEs) work. We want to see clients we work with succeed, genuinely we do. We’re so confident in our ethical approach to everything we do, we would be happy for you to speak to our clients to find out more.

At Digital Paw Marketing Agency, we admire the hard work, and the valiant efforts that go into running that business each day. Nothing is more satisfying to us than helping the small and the brave become the strong and the mighty.

Why do our clients choose us?

We’ve thrived off word-of-mouth and that’s how we’ve grown and grown with clients. We truly take care of every client we have. We know they are putting their faith in us and we don’t disappoint.

We put you, our customers at the heart of what we do. We know that our business wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our customers and so it’s important to us we keep them happy.

You come first always

We wouldn’t be able to pay our bills and feed our family without our clients. So we always make time for you, even if that’s late in the evening when you’re free to talk.

Why did we set up Digital Paw Marketing Agency?

Both Kris and Leena (us) have worked for companies over the years. It’s rewarding in that it gives a regular income, but there is so much more to life than work for us. Digital Paw was created as both of us wanted to help small businesses – no lie.

Leena’s worked in an agency and in-house doing marketing. She got the best feeling when she saw a small business grow, knowing she’d contributed to their success.

Kris was an english teacher for secondary schools. He left the education sector and fell into marketing where his strengths lie in PPC Paid Search marketing and SEO, in particluarly, content writing. He’s got an incredible talent for analysing data and writing comes naturally to him, hence his love for english.

A background in education, now a Paid Search (PPC) & SEO Guru

Dad and gym enthusiast, who has a genuine fascination in PPC, Google Ads paid search and Bing.

Kris from Digital Paw Marketing Agency

Meet Kris – PPC expert, SEO guru & content writer

Once an English teacher, Kris gravitated towards the search engine optimisation (SEO) role which also includes social media management. His background in the English language has been an enormous advantage. He writes articles and blogs for customers which make a real impact to their SEO.

He took up PPC like a duck to water and is proficient in lead generation PPC campaigns. He’s very into data analysis and wants to make every penny work for our clients.

A few achievements


Kris’s largest accomplishment with SEO is getting a website up the ranking from position 73 to 8 in just 6 weeks. He knows what is needed to please Google, but also what topics are interesting to readers, to keep them engaged and wanting more.


Kris managed a carpet cleaning services PPC activity. The client had left their previous agency and moved to us. Kris exceeded the client’s previous month’s lead generation (with the old agency) by x3 times the amount with the same budget.

A passion for web design & marketing

Mom & huge animal lover. The person who builds your website. No sales team, just speak to the right person from the get go.

L Digital Paw Marketing Agency April 2023

Meet Leena – Web designer, SEO pro, PPC expert and graphic designer

You’ll notice Leena can do a fair bit. With over 16 years of marketing experience under her belt, it’s no surprise she’s got a few skills. Leena also has a BSc Business and Management degree which focused on Marketing too.

Leena has worked for agencies in the past, and in-house doing marketing for financial and medical companies. She’s got a keen eye for design and marketing runs through her blood. As with most our clients, once you’ve been doing something long enough it becomes second nature to you and it’s effortless the way Leena creates lead generation websites.

A few achievements

Lead generation

Leena took a B2B business which had zero leads from its old website to bringing in twenty leads a week currently. 


Leena took a business which had no ranking on Google to page one for every key search term related to their dog cage business. They’re still on page one today with a 4 year old website.

The fur family

Two dogs and a cat that are all equally insane and needy.

Storm the Digital Paw lurcher

Meet Storm & Trooper

For the few of your that thought of StarWars, well done. We are that geeky and hence the names.

Trooper joined us first (the black dog), a staffie cross lab, highly intelligent and adores a fuss.

Storm came second, the lurcher with all the problems you’d expect with a lurcher. Selective hearing, food comes first, hates squirrels, hates cats, typical zoomies. A complete mess of a dog that we absolutely love.

Trooper the Digital Paw family dog