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PPC Cost Calculator

See how much a typical agency & freelancer would charge compared to our rates.

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PPC Management.

Google Ads Specialists.

A PPC management service from a company who wants to drive you maximum leads for the lowest cost, always.

PPC management for small businesses.

At Digital Paw Marketing Agency, we believe advertising on Google Ads (PPC) should bring you the most leads possible for your budget.

Advertising on Google can be like walking through a maze. You can either click on the intimidating “Expert Mode” or follow Google Ads Smart campaign setup. For most of our clients, it was a no brainer to trial out Google’s very own smart advertising tool only to find they had a low volume of quality leads but their budget had been eaten up. They came to us and now they’re happily dealing with enquiries and focusing on driving them through to sales.

Making measurable PPC improvements

Some examples of recent PPC improvements we’ve made for our clients:

  • Created a PPC campaign for a leather repairer who sees around 15 high quality leads a day from a small monthly budget.
  • We took a B2B commercial roofing company who previously spent £500 on Google Ads and got zero lead, to an average of 20 high quality leads a month from a £200 monthly budget.
  • Created a PPC campaign for a carpet cleaner wanting to gain leads from all over the West Midlands. With a small budget of just £100 a month they’re seeing circa 40 leads per month.

What you can expect from us:

Improved lead generation

We’ll ensure your campaign setup is effective and driving leads whilst giving you the freedom to manage it yourself. You’ll only need to come to us for a review after three to six months depending on traffic for some optimising.

Get you more calls

We can dedicate a campaign strictly to calls if that’s where you have your strongest conversions. We’ll optimise your campaign to make the most of every penny.

Measured success

Google Ads has very powerful data that you can login into to assess your campaigns. We’ll ensure everything is setup correctly so you can track your calls and leads.

Adverts written for you

We’ll write your adverts to get you noticed, improve your quality score and thus reduce your cost per click. We’ve managed budgets from as little as £50 per month to multi-million pound budgets annually.

The power of an agency but the price of a freelancer.

Price is important for a small business. It’s why we offer competitive rates whilst delivering the high-standards that you should expect from an agency. 

Logical, well researched Google PPC campaign.

We fully explain to you how PPC works (otherwise known as Google Adwords) and what we intend to do. We’ll happily share our research with you and explain how we intend to work on your campaigns to drive more leads for a cheaper cost per lead acquisition.

We set out a clear targets that we aspire to so that you’re not wasting money. If you’ve been stung by Yell then it’s no wonder you’re nervous. Over 60% of our clients came to us after having a hell Yell experience.

What we look into before we start building your Google PPC Campaign:

  • We look at the services you want to promote, how much return you typically get and the market size
  • We run an online competitor analysis
  • We learn about your services so we can write ad copy
  • We carry out keyword research on each service to ensure we’re targeting the right words to convert
  • We then group the keywords into logical groups and apply these
  • We look at the most effective ad copy and write a few variations to optimise your campaign

We’ve got over 6 years in Google Ads, managing budgets as low as £50 per month up to £250k monthly budgets. We make sure we reduce the wasted spend, optimise each and every element so you can make every penny count.

Get you to number One on Google Ads

You’ve possibly been misled this whole time to believe that being in first position on Google Ads is the best spot for your business. But the truth is it isn’t always the case. For example, why spend £10 on a click at the top position of Google when you can spend £4 a click and get similar conversions?

We’ll work out what position suits your budget and return best through PPC, what locations deliver the most bang for their buck, and what time of day to push your brand.


See the difference, fast

The benefits of advertising on Google Ads is, depending on your spend, you can see results pretty quickly. There will be a bit of teething while we get to know your situation, but after a few short weeks, you ought to start seeing some differences. If we think realistically your money would be better placed on Facebook, or even just back in your pocket, we’ll let you know. We won’t do a Yell on you.

Google 3d logo

Is PPC the right move for your business?

PPC can be a costly method to advertise so it’s important you assess whether it’s right for your business.

A few things to consider are:

  1. How much can I afford to spend to gain a single lead?
  2. How much can I afford to spend monthly?

Knowing the answer to these two questions will help you to identify whether Google Ads is the right place to start advertising for your business.

You can look at the costs to advertise and how much key search terms usually cost per click. Estimate a click through rate of around 3% and then work out the typical conversion rate from people who visit your site. This is good way to judge if it is the right move.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, get in touch and we can look into it for you. We won’t charge, we want to help your small business so we’ll assess whether it’s right for you before you spend a single penny on either an agency, or Google Ads.

What are our PPC setup rates?

We aren’t an agency who hides our prices. It’s our ethos to be open and honest.

To setup one Google Ads campaign we charge £220. This covers the time we dedicate to researching your company, key search terms, locations, ad copy and budgets. We typically create two Google Ad Groups for you but if we feel you need more we’ll do this within the budget.

To manage your Google Ads on a monthly basis we charge £110 depending on the complexity of the campaigns. We do not manage e-commerce Google Ads campaigns.

To have a review of your Google Ads account by us varies. We typically charge £260 for a campaign review with suggestions. If the campaign is a large one with multiple ad groups this price will increase along with our time to run an effective review. 

Take a look at our PPC cost calculator to help.

PPC management support.

No commitments, we can setup your Google Ads PPC campaign and you manage the rest.

A few examples of Google Ads PPC results

Roofline Systems Google Ads Paid Search Management

Roofline Systems Google Ads

After creating the website for Roofline Systems our client went off and setup his own Google Ads (PPC) campaign. He used the Google Smart Campaign option where it takes you on a simple step by step process before publishing your adverts.

He set his budgets at £500 and left it running for a month. After a month we received a call asking if Digital Paw could review the Google Ads and see what has happened as the client received zero enquiries. So we investigated for absolutely free.

We found that Google Ads was encouraging home owners and personal (not commercial) visitors to the website. This company only offers commercial roofing services. With Smart Campaigns by Google Ads you have what’s called “keyword grouping” which means there is a lot less control for the client to change how the campaign would perform. It was going to be a costly way to generate leads.

We explained the situation and our client asked us to setup and manage their Google Ads campaigns for them. We created three campaigns, focusing on different areas of the business and targetted these adverts at businesses. We also significantly reduced the spend to just £200 a month. Within two days their first lead came through. It is now a steady flow of enquiries still today.

Deep Clean Extreme website design by Digital Paw Marketing Agency

Deep Clean Extreme Google Ads Management

Deep Clean Extreme had their website created by us. Following this we advised that a quick way to generate leads was via Google Ads (PPC). This is because people are actively searching for their services and an advert places them high up the ranks to be seen.

We created two Google Ads campaigns for our client, the first being a general carpet cleaning campaign, targeted at the Midlands. The second Google Ads campaign was a localised campaign targeted at the West Midlands for carpet cleaning. We created an additional landing page which was geared to West Midlands and optimised for paid search.

Within three weeks, we managed to improve the cost per lead by 130% and with a small budget we are driving a steady flow of enquiries. Our client is booked up in fact!

Wicked Alloys Website designed by Digital Paw Marketing Agency 2021

Wicked Alloys Google Ads campaign setup

Wicked Alloys is run by a wonderful gentleman, Graham. He was tired of retirement so wanted a website and a steady flow of business to keep him busy, whilst still giving him time to play his drums.

We completed his website in just three weeks and then Graham asked us what the best next steps were to draw in business. He had some business cards and a leaflet designed by us made, and we also advised he spend a small amount of his advertising budget on Google Ads (PPC).

He now sees a healthy volume of enquiries costing just £2 per lead.

Opulence The Leather Company website design by Digital Paw Marketing Agency

Opulence The Leather Company Google Ads Setup

Completing this website, the owner of Opulence The Leather Company asked us to create his Google Ads campaigns as he’d heard so much about the success we’d driven for another client in the leather repair industry.

Within two hours of setting up his Google Ads campaign the owner saw his first lead.

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