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We specialise in lead generation websites built bespoke for your business.

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See how much a typical agency & freelancer would charge compared to our rates.

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Google Ads PPC management to drive you quantifiable leads.

PPC Cost Calculator

See how much a typical agency & freelancer would charge compared to our rates.

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Web Design Agency.

Web Design.

A web design agency for small businesses looking to increase their lead generation online. We specialise in bespoke WordPress websites that drive leads. We help small businesses to grow without charging agency rates.

Web design for small businesses.

As a small family run business we work with small businesses to build them a lead generation website that they can control and manage. If you’re a small business looking to grow online and want a web design that will increase your leads then Digital Paw Marketing Agency can help from as little at £806.

Making measurable improvements

Some examples of recent web design improvements we’ve made for our clients:

  • Remade an old website for a SMART mobile repairer which improved his leads from 2 a week to an average of 5 a day.
  • Created a website for a dog cage builder who now receives over 90% of his leads from his website without any advertising spend. He ranks first for his chosen keywords.
  • A carpet cleaning business had a website that over a six month period brought in zero enquiries. After having his website designed by us he now sees an average of 15 enquiries a day.

What you can expect from us:

Improved lead generation

We’ll get you more leads to your website. Whether you’re after a small 5 page website or a large content filled, king of SEO style website, we’ll deliver a website that will improve your conversion rates.


SEO friendly

We build every website with SEO in mind. We first carry out keyword research to ensure we structure your website that gives it real SEO value. We ensure each service is targeted and well written to appeal to your customers.

Mobile optimised

Every website we build we optimise for mobile. Google has declared mobile comes first and so this is something we dedicate a lot of time to. Ease of scrolling, readability, the quality of the image. Everything is taken into consideration.

Content written for you

We don’t expect you to write the content for your website. We have over 16 years of expertise which we’ll use to write the content for you. We will learn your services and write the content in the style to suit your target audience.

Content Management

We don’t want you to feel you’re ever stuck with the agency you choose. We build all our websites on WordPress so you can edit it on our own. You have the freedom to choose us if you want updates.

Hosting packages

It can be overwhelming knowing where to go for good quality hosting. We always recommend ChemiCloud but we also offer hosting with us to make life even easier for you.

Google Analytics GA4

We setup your Google Analytics GA4 tracking so you can see how your website is performing and learn what improvements to make as and when you’re ready.

Continued support

We don’t just leave you after we’ve built your website. We’re there for any questions you have, and make any minor updates that take us under 15 minutes for free.

The power of an agency but the price of a freelancer.

Price is important for a small business. It’s why we offer competitive rates whilst delivering the high-standards that you should expect from an agency. 

Web design focused on lead generation.

As a web design agency that is also a small family run business, we know that every client has a deep passion to succeed. We build websites based on the need of each business. We listen to who you are, where you want to be, and the barriers you face getting there. If you have a service you’re struggling to push, we’re the right fit for you.

What we look into before we start building your website:

  • We look at your business and your services
  • We learn who you think your competitors are
  • We run an online competitor analysis
  • We learn about your services so we can write about them effectively
  • We carry out keyword research on each service to ensure we’re targeting the right words to help your website rank
  • We look at how to structure the website so it helps Google and customers
  • We look at neuromarketing techniques to encourage lead generation

We’ve got over 16 years of WordPress web design experience. We’re not just web designers though – our main designer has a BSc Business degree so asks the right questions to help you grow.

We also know that you’re not going to be a web design expert so we don’t bombard you with waffle and abbreviations. We explain everything you need to know clearly.

marketing funnel AIDA principle 2023

We use psychology to improve your web lead generation

There is a whole degree full of knowledge behind each element of website design. Although there are more sophisticated tools out today to allow anyone to make a website, the reason why people still come to us, is that we have the skills, experience and training to offer. We are specialists in our field, proudly delivering top results for our clients through the use of neuromarketing. We know what colours to use, the impact the site can have on a persons’ behaviour. We look at the emotional connection that is created, the images used are chosen to drive clicks too. There aren’t many web design agencies in the UK who offer neuromarketing as part of their offering.

For example, Canine Cage Craft Ltd, a client of ours, is enjoying over 20 leads a day on average through their website alone. Since we created Mike Bunday’s website, he has had to hire additional help, and was fully booked through 2020, 2021, 2022 and so far is booked 3 months ahead in 2023 already. He enjoys the top spot on Google for his relevant search results, and his business is absolutely thriving.

Opulence The Leather Company website

We get your website onto Google

Slightly different to SEO, but just as important is ensuring your website is known to Google in the first place. Most agencies who offer prices similar to us don’t offer this service, or wait until asked to then carry this out, but if you’re a small business owner, how are you meant to know how to get your site on Google?

Websites aren’t just about looking nice, having buttons in the right place, selecting the right imagery and ensuring all the forms work correctly. There is a structural implication and some very technical aspects that can easily be overlooked by less knowledgeable agencies.

It’s what makes Digital Paw a success, we know web design, we know SEO and we have a 100% satisfaction rate with all our clients to prove this. Speak to us for more information.

We meet security and GDPR standards

Ensuring the websites we build are secure (SSL certification) and meet GDPR standards are imperative to us. Our main web designer comes from a financial promotions background so she understands how important it is to meet legalities. We ensure all our websites have the relevant Privacy Policy, and that we create a GDPR option that meets search engine standards such as Google. We take the weight off a lot of small businesses who are still wrapping their heads around data protection since GDPR came about.

GDPR web design

Clean, powerful websites.

An small web design agency that delivers the experience, quality and creativity of a large agency but without the costs.

A few examples of websites we’ve built recently

Dial A Dent Kent Surrey London

Dial A Dent Kent website design

Dial A Dent, a SMART repairs company based in Kent, needed a new website after their five year old site was not generating enquiries. They would typically see 2 enquiries a week and it was for the lowest value items such as a bumper scuff repair.

Within 4 weeks we created their new website which brings in 5 enquiries a day on average organically. These enquiries are for a range of services as we focused on services with a better search volume than bumper scuff repairs.

Kirsty Airey website October 2021 wedding photography

Photography by Kirsty web design

Kirsty Airey required a website which showed both her studio skills and her wedding photography. These were unique propositions that had different audiences. She wanted to captivate her wedding planner audience with a site that felt like it has its own area, seperate to the studio area.

Taking under 3 months to complete, this photography website is highly successful in both SEO ranking for regions which Kirsty wanted to be seen for, and for both studio and wedding services.

Deep Clean Extreme website design by Digital Paw Marketing Agency

Deep Clean Extreme web design

Deep Clean Extreme has been established for over 15 years. They recently had a website built by another web design agency and were not happy with the result. They had seen zero leads from their website in six months.

We built them their new website which is aimed at the Midlands, including West Midlands, Telford and Wrekin, Shropshire, Birmingham and more. Within two weeks of their website being live, they had their first lead. We created their Google Ads account for them and with a small budget they receive a fantastic flow of leads daily, just two months after their website went live.

Wicked Alloys Website designed by Digital Paw Marketing Agency 2021

Wicked Alloys web design

A specialty of ours has become the SMART repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment industry. Wicked Alloys was recommended to us from a wheel forum and taking just three weeks from start to completion, this website drives a good volume of website enquiries.

We also designed the logo, created business cards and leaflets and setup the Google Ads for our client to appeal to chosen regions local to him.

Opulence The Leather Company website design by Digital Paw Marketing Agency

Opulence The Leather Company web design

A hard working leather repair company owner had previoulsy built his own websites but found he wasn’t seeing a high volume of enquiries. He was recommended by Supreme Leather Restorations to contact us as the owner had seen a huge return and his customers always commented on the trustworthiness of the website.

This site is one of our finest. We first created the logo design and business cards. Then, we took on the challenge of ensuring Opulence The Leather Company looked luxurious, almost exlusive. The owner had a very good idea of what this meant however he was impressed with our delivery.

We then took to setup his Google Ads campaign, and within two hours of going live, he received his first enquiry.

Supreme Leather Restorations London website design

Supreme Leather Restorations website design

Supreme Leather Restorations was a fledgling company that needed a good website and a little investment in Google Ads to get themselves started. They got more than they expected…

The website is always commented on by their London clients. The owner also asked for advice on where to advertise and we were more than happy to help, no charge of course.

After a few weeks of seeing some organic leads come through, the owner asked us to create his Google Ads account. He now sned work to some friendly leather repairers as he is extremely busy to say the least.

The power of an agency but the price of a freelancer.

Price is important for a small business. It's why we offer competitive rates whilst delivering the high-standards that you should expect from an agency. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website for small businesses?

It depends on the type of website you’re after. Generally, if you’re after a five page lead generation website, we can create this in under four weeks. 

For larger websites such as a twelve page lead generation site, this could take around six to eight weeks.

How much does it cost to have a website built?

Prices vary depending on what your website needs. We are much cheaper than a standard agency as we charge the typical rate of a freelancer. Our costs for a 4 page website cost £806.40.

For larger websites such as tracymainphotography.co.uk you would be looking at around £4,590. The reason for this is the amount of time, research, web pages, content and complexity of the website.

We scope out every site we do, carry out keyword research, look at the site architecture and the best way to build the site. Only then can we begin building a site that is going to deliver a punch for out clients.

If you’re after a truly professional website that isn’t going to cost you London agency prices, then you’ve come to the right agency. We are a small business and keep our overheads low. We value all of our customers, which is why we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Why do you use WordPress?
WordPress is the most used CMS platform in 2021. We could use Drupal, Joomla, Interspire and other less known systems, but if we did, it would mean our clients would have to pay a little more. Why I hear you say? Well WordPress has so many developers worldwide, contributing to the free platform, that it has really cost effective plugins and extras. The other platforms don’t offer as wide a variety as WordPress and should our clients want to move to a larger agency, they will find their costs increase dramatically to have their site managed.

By using WordPress we can keep our costs down for our clients, and should they want to move on, it isn’t going to cost them the earth at the next agency.

Do you do monthly fees with no upfront deposit?

Alas, we don’t offer this subscription service. More than often, agencies who run these sites don’t offer bespoke website services. Their clients are using a template which is why they are able to offer a subscription method. These types of agencies are a great trial for companies who just want a quick setup. Typically agencies with this setup expect a customer to stay with them for a minimum of 3 years. Let’s look at how much this costs the user for the website.

5 page website

With Digital Paw a five page website built bespokely for you, starts at £779. Payments are spread over two periods to help spread the costs.
A monthly cost with no setup agency @£35 x 36 months = £1,260

As you can see from the above, it is worth investing in a website if you have the ability to pay up front. However, subscription agencies can be a huge advantage if you’re just starting out and want to keep your initial costs low.

Do you make e-commerce websites?
We do not make e-commerce websites. We can’t be amazing at everything. As a small business we are experts in lead generation websites.
Do you host websites?

We can host websites for our clients but we don’t require you to. We want our small business owners to know that they have a choice. We’re happy to migrate a completed website we’ve built for SMEs to a hosting provider of their choosing.

We do also offer hosting for clients who don’t understand hosting or want the hassle. We charge £150 per year which covers your domain name purchase, your SSL certficate and your hosting – everything you need to have a fully functioning website.

If our clients prefer to use their own hosting provider but ask who we recommend, we can’t find a better provider than ChemiCloud. Why? It offers a UK based server (this is extremely important for GDPR) and is extremely cheap. Ideal for small businesses who need a website. But it doesn’t mean it’s slow either. We’ve been so impressed with ChemiCloud, we’re moving all our clients over to them.

Do you manage the website once it's live?

We can manage websites for our clients once the sites are live. Some of our clients openly tell us they aren’t web savvy and need our help. We offer two solutions here:

1) Maintenance package – this is where we update the website plugins and themes to keep the website secure and running smoothly. – £20 per month

2) Modify package – this is where we do everything in the Maintenance package, but we also modify content to ensure it is SEO, modifying content to include new keywords that the site may rank for that converts. – £30 per month

Do you design logos?

For most of our clients, having a logo is something that was done, but without the knowledge of neuromarketing and what is needed to make a logo work well. A logo can be designed by anyone yes, but a logo that speaks to your customers ought to be designed by professionals.

We have over 20 years of graphic design skills so we can design logos that work for both websites and offline collateral. We don’t charge a fortune either. Take a look at our packages on our graphic design page.

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