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Carpet Cleaning Website Design 2022

In 2022 we designed a mammoth carpet cleaning website focusing on local SEO to drive enquiries from West Midlands.
Supreme Leather Restorations website

Carpet Cleaning Website Design 2022

In 2022 we designed a mammoth carpet cleaning website focusing on local SEO to drive enquiries from West Midlands.

Our West Midlands based carpet cleaning client came to us in the early part of 2022 asking if we could design a website for them as their brand new current site wasn’t delivering a single enquiry. We had a look at the site they had and it was missing a few essential website requirements: the SEO of the site was poor; the site architecture was poor; and the service pages didn’t have any call to actions. In truth, the website wasn’t going to rank or deliver enquiries so we set out a detailed plan and carried out extensive keyword research for carpet cleaning to share with our client.

All the hard work carried out to get the carpet cleaning website live

Research the carpet cleaning industry

Once all the paperwork was dealt with we thought about how the design should be and the structure of the carpet cleaning website. We wanted to make sure that the pages all had the right information on them, that the call to actions were always clear and that the services nicely crossed over onto other pages for internal link building. We spent a lot of time researching the carpet cleaning market, looking at competitor websites, and what elements were important for conversions.

Understand the target audience for the carpet cleaning industry

Before we could begin designing we wanted to explore the typical customer base was that our client was looking for. What locations were his priority; what type of customer was he looking to appeal to and what would they look for when researching for a carpet cleaner local to them.

The website design needed to suit the customer base and so, unlike his website which was blue and very masculine, we went for a softer approach. We wanted to be warm, friendly, trusting and not overly corporate. The language needed to be warm and nutty, not overly formal and hard to understand. The carpet cleaning website needed to attract predominantly females over 30, based in the Midlands, specifically, West Midlands, Telford, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Solihull to name a few. We needed to mention the locations on the relevant pages to help Google know who we were aiming our website at as a minimum.

Understand carpet cleaning as an industry

As with all our clients, we aim to learn enough about the industry to make sure we write copy that is relevant. This means we learn the processes behind the client’s work, how the business runs and what a customer would want to know about.

We often find that the information our clients want to push isn’t actually all that relevant to their customer base. For example, if you needed a tree surgeon to remove a tall tree from your property, you’d want to know they’re insured and have a good amount of experience before you even look at reviews. You wouldn’t necessarily want to know what brand of chainsaw they are going to be using, what type of fuel it takes, and what specialist shoes they have. It’s our job to filter out what is relevant and what isn’t and push back to help our clients get the best website possible.

Deep Clean Extreme website design by Digital Paw Marketing Agency
Deep Clean Extreme carpet cleaning homepage design 2022

Design the homepage of the carpet cleaning website

Once we’d finished our research we first designed the carpet cleaning website homepage. This is a standard process of ours to ensure that the front cover of the book ( in basic terms) looks and feels right. We loved the heart embedded in the carpet image as it was warm, inviting and showed the care and passion our client has for carpet cleaning – he absolutely lives and breathes carpet cleaning and certainly knows his stuff. We ensured the font we chose has the comforting and friendly feel, that the imagery chosen is customer centric and that the tone of the text was geared to the target audience.

Design the internal carpet cleaning website pages

Once the homepage was signed off we worked on the internal pages. Each service page required something unique, so effectively no page was the same. The amount of content that the client wanted on each service page was long and required tweaking. A long text based page is great for your website SEO, however there is a fine line between giving information and overloading a reader with too much text. Our client wanted the text on there so we worked the designs to meet the heavy text requirements.

Test the website and go live

Once all the pages were built and the client was happy we set out to migrate the site to their hosting area and run tests to ensure the carpet cleaning website was fully functional and ready to be crawled by Google. We then submit the website to Google once all tests were complete and asked Google to index the carpet cleaning website.

Extra designs for Google Paid Search Ads

Now a website designed to rank for SEO isn’t the same as a landing page that targets viewers via Google Ads. The pages may look similar but one page is dedicated to providing information in order to help Google rank them highly, whilst another is aiming at driving conversions from the advert clicks. Here is an example of what we mean:

SEO Carpet Cleaning webpage versus Google Ads Paid Search designed webpage

The primary differences between the pages and the paid search advert is the call to action. On the paid search landing page, the carpet cleaning benefits are much higher up on the page and the contact form is on the page itself. This is to reduce the number of pages people need to visit to convert. However for SEO, a click-through to another page is hugely beneficial so we encourage viewers to click to view the contact page.

Deep Clean Extreme carpet cleaning Paid Search landing page
Deep Clean Extreme Paid Search Landing Page

Why Choose Digital Paw Marketing for your website design?

We genuinely take the time with each and every client to understand their business through and through. We don’t just build websites, we help businesses grow. We have clients who call us to ask for marketing advice and we do this absolutely no charge, gladly. We work with our clients like a true team – we want to see them succeed so we work hard to give them a fighting chance. You won’t regret using us for your website design needs, check out our customer reviews here.

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