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Have your social media pages managed for you

We know that SMEs and startup businesses struggle to find the time to manage their social media accounts. Managing Facebook and Twitter isn’t quick and easy and often our clients just post from time to time and then don’t see any business from their channels as a result. We know all too well how timely it is, which is why we help.

Unique, weekly posts for your Facebook and Twitter

Facebook weekly posts to drive engagement

You may have noticed your Facebook page is getting less interactions recently? Less engagement? It seems to have dropped off a cliff without explanation? With the ever-changing Facebook algorithms, small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to be seen without “boosting posts”. Of course, Facebook love this, but it isn’t great for you and doesn’t result in sales either. This is where Digital Paw can really help.For a start, we can manage your posts for you, giving you hours back in you busy work day! We typically schedule five posts a week for our clients. These aren’t just any posts, we analyse your data, look at your audience, and create unique posts to get you noticed.

Tweets to get you more followers

Twitter can literally take up your whole day. You find you post a tweet and it disappears off your recent tweets within minutes.We can tweet for you with engaging write-ups to get you noticed.

How much is your time worth?

It’s a big leap to manage your own Facebook to moving to an agency. It can be hard to see Facebook’s worth at the moment if you’ve not really got many leads through yet. But you shouldn’t give up. Facebook can be a hugely profitable avenue for small businesses, without having to boost posts.

One key question to ask yourself is how much is your time worth? How much time are you currently spending writing posts and managing your Facebook Business page? Could you do something better with your time?

We charge £160 per month to post 5 posts weekly for you. We can also do a bundle package and write content for your website which will help both your Facebook page and your website alike. This starts from £220 monthly.

No subscription with us

We know that small businesses can find their revenue rise and fall depending on the time of year, and other factors such as this recent COVID lockdown. It’s why we have a no subscription policy. You pay for the month in advance and give us (at least) 7 days notice if you want to cancel.

100% customer satisfaction rate

Matthew - Transcend Coaching

“I had a website built by Digital Paw. I wanted some help with my Facebook posts and content as I just haven’t the time to commit to either of these. So far I’m genuinely impressed. The content is long, written superbly, and has got me some great engagement on my Facebook page. All round, I’d recommend Digital Paw”

5 star rating
Transcend Coaching logo

James Brennan - Mental Health Midlands C.I.C

“Digital Paw manage my Facebook posts for me as I have a few other ventures so I forget to keep my page updated. I did promise to get them content for the website but lost the motivation throughout COVID lockdown. To my surprise, they’d written a few articles for me to see how it would perform on Facebook. The results are too good to miss out on so I’m getting more content written monthly.”

5 star rating
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Frequently asked questions on social media management

How long does it take until I see results?

Facebook can take a few weeks to start to recognise the value you’re adding to your followers. Especially if it’s been some time since they’ve engaged with your posts. We like to be given at least the first month to get to know your followers, run test posts to see which ones work and which ones don’t, and then push push push.

I only want ten posts a month on my Facebook to trial it, is this possible?

We offer a minimum package of 10 posts a month which we spread out for you and schedule at different times during the month so we can learn what times work best for you. This costs £80 monthly.

Why shouldn't I use the spend I'd pay you on boosted adverts?

If you’re having to boost posts to get any real value from your business page on Facebook then you’re doing something wrong. It’s the harsh but brutal truth. Sometimes it’s better to invest in a long-term strategy, utilise an agency and then take their learnings and go it alone.

We are genuinely saying this as we don’t expect our clients to need us forever. We aren’t naive, we want to empower our clients. So if you need a helping hand for a short while, we’re here for those moments.

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