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SEO Content Writing Terms & Conditions

We’ve all got to have terms to keep you and our business protected. Please ensure you read all the terms below before taking out SEO Content Writing projects with us. It lists everything from ownership to fees.

Last amended: 16th April 2023


For the purposes of this agreement:
1: “The Client” or “You” means the Company, Agency, Organisation, Charity, Sole Trader or Private Individual commissioning the copywriting services of Digital Paw Marketing Agency.
2: “We” or “Us” means Digital Paw Marketing Agency.
3: “Material”, “Materials”, “Copy”, or “Draft” refers to the written item(s) produced by Digital Paw Marketing Agency as stated in the written project brief confirmation received from you.
4: “Project” or “Assignment(s)” means the work as a whole you are commissioning us to undertake on your behalf.


1: An assignment placed with Digital Paw Marketing Agency is only accepted on the basis that the contract is between Us and The Client commissioning the project and not with any third party.
2: All contracts are accepted on the basis that it is only the Terms and Conditions of Digital Paw Marketing Agency that are applicable.
3: It will be deemed that by asking Us to proceed with producing the relevant materials requested for Your project, You accept these Terms and Conditions in full. 
4: It is deemed that the person named on the confirmation requesting Us to proceed with the project has the necessary authority or permission to make such a request.

The Copywriting SEO Brief

The Brief will be supplied by the client and must clearly outline the project requirements. We will email our understanding and outline the hours we expect to use to fulfil the brief. The hours estimated include two hours of revision time.  Should we need more hours to fulfil the brief we will notify you as soon as possible and ensure we have your approval before we continue. 


Most assignments or projects are quoted according to the level of work required including but not limited to; research time and creating the copy. We have a standard rate of £30 per hour.

Commencement of work

In order to begin work we will require you to email confirmation of the project quoted. We will assume you have read these terms and conditions before you have agreed to the project and will ensure you have access to read this information via the link.

Timescale and Deadlines

We will make every effort to ensure your project is delivered on time. In the unlikely event that We cannot meet the agreed deadline, We will let you know as soon as possible. We will not be held liable for any loss or damages to any party as a result of missing a deadline.

Changes in the scope of the project

Should you request changes to the original scope of the project, this will need to be quoted for as this will entail additional work. This will be carried out at the same rate listed in the Fees section.

Payment Terms

For all new clients, We require a 50% non-refundable deposit of the total fee before commencing work. We will then invoice for the remaining 50% at project completion to be paid within 30 days. For larger projects, We can arrange staggered payments, to be paid when We meet agreed project milestones. For projects under £200, We require the project to be paid in full before commencement of work. All invoices are sent electronically. We will not schedule in work until the initial deposit is paid. Therefore, should you pay us later than agreed, this will alter any deadlines set out to accommodate other client work we have scheduled in.

We accept payments by BACS. We do not accept cheques or PayPal.

PLEASE NOTE: A late payment charge of £50 will be made on any invoice remaining unpaid after the stated 30 days under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 or any amendment or re-enactment thereof (see www.payontime.co.uk). You may also incur other legal costs – court fees etc. – for the recovery of all outstanding fees owed. Interest is payable at 8 per cent over Bank of England base rate. The penalties and interest now apply to all businesses regardless of size.


Should you cancel the project after the start date, We reserve the right to charge you for the amount of work undertaken up to that point. If you cancel after the delivery of the first draft then you will be immediately liable for the full project fee.

Termination of Copywriting Contract and Pause Clause

If a client fails to respond to us within 5 days of a communication from us we will put the project on hold. Please understand we have multiple projects running at the same time so we will then move onto other work until we hear from you. We will then reschedule any work back in after hearing from you and this may be after the original deadlines set out. We will not be held liable for any loss or damages to any party as a result of missing a deadline.

If a client fails to respond to communication within 30 days of paying the non-refundable deposit, the project will be terminated automatically. In the event that a client fails to provide feedback as per the project schedule milestones, the project will be considered ‘on hold’ and rescheduled dependent on current workload and availability.


A: You confirm that you own the copyright or have the right or consent to use any previously commissioned marketing literature or any other written information that you supply to Us that may then be incorporated within the material(s) We produce for your project. You also confirm that should a dispute arise between you and a third party regarding the use of any such literature or information, you will fully indemnify Us against any claim (legal or otherwise) for a breach of copyright, trademark, design or other intellectual property rights.

B: All the written material(s) We supply for your project are the copyright © of Digital Paw Marketing Agency. This copyright will only pass to you upon your full payment of our final invoice. Included within this assignment of copyright to you is our right to show the copy We’ve produced for you, either as a whole or in part, on our website or other online portfolios. Or as a link to a website on which the copy features. This is solely for the promotion of our services and will apply unless you specifically request us not to do so in writing at the time of commissioning the project.


A: You are responsible for ensuring that all copy supplied including the use of statistics, quotations, references and any other supporting information you supply to Us and used within the copy We write for you are accurate and lawful. And as such you will fully indemnify Us against any claim (legal or otherwise) should any statistics, quotations, references or other supporting information supplied by you subsequently prove not to be accurate or lawful.

B: We will make every effort to ensure that all material(s) supplied to you shall, where appropriate and relevant, comply with any necessary UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rules and regulations. However, it is entirely the responsibility of the Client to submit all copy for legal review should they wish.


We shall make every effort to ensure there are no errors, omissions, misrepresentations or other inaccuracies in the materials we supply to you. However, the final responsibility for checking the material lies with you. Once you have signed off the work then any errors will be your responsibility to change. No responsibility can be accepted for any errors, omissions etc. subsequently found in the copy written for your project once you have accepted and signed off on the material(s) supplied.


We will not disclose to any third party any confidential information that you may supply to us in relation to your project.

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