We created Digital Paw Marketing Agency as a means to give back to our favourite animals, dogs. We have always been enormous animal lovers, and offer our free time to walking dogs for local dog charities.

Dogs – they just want love and need a loving home

We absolutely love animals. Behind the scenes at Digital Paw are two owners who regularly donate to charities such as WWF and RSPCA. We also visit dog homes near us as walk the dogs when we can as every little helps. It’s why we wanted Digital Paw to be more than our business. We wanted to give back and help our local dog charities. So we’ve committed to donating at least 10% of our profits to animal charities.

A bit more about us

Leena, the web designer, was scared of dogs as a child. She was surrounded by kittens growing up though. She also had guinnea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and rats growing up but dogs petrified her. So her mom took her to Birmingham Dog’s Home to rescue a dog.

With a dog in the house, Leena had no choice but to face her fears. After the traumatic drive home with a dog trying to jump on her lap, Leena eventually grew enough courage to let the dog come to her at home. A few strokes (and playful bites mind), Leena was in love with her first dog, Bo.

Since that day, Bo lit a flame in Leena, one that grew so much, Leena’s ambition is to have a dogs home one day to rescue dogs who are difficult to rehome, or too old.

A dog really is a person’s best friend

And the reason we’re so driven to grow

Saving one dog will not change the world, but for that one dog, the world will change forever

What do we want from Digital Paw?

We aren’t looking to grow into a large company – so money isn’t our first priority. Like many small businesses out there, we have passion and want to see other small businesses succeed. We offer free advice to our clients all the time as we love bashing marketing ideas around. Two heads are better than one! 

We aren’t going to succeed with our plan to set up a small dogs home without our clients. That’s what we want – to have enough income to allow us take in more dogs and help them.