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Advertise on Google Ads without wasting spend

Advertising on Google can be like walking through a maze. You think you’re doing well but then the next day you’re back to square one. Have you trusted Google to do it’s ‘smart advertising’ for you? To find you’ve had clicks but no return? Then you’re in a similar situation to most of our small business clients who need a helping hand.

Logical, well researched ad campaigns

Google Ads with goals

We set out a clear target that we aspire to so that you’re not wasting money. If you’ve been stung by Yell then it’s no wonder you’re nervous. Over 60% of our clients came to us after having a hell Yell experience.

See the difference, fast

The benefits of advertising on Google is, depending on your spend, you can see results pretty quickly. There will be a bit of teething while we get to know your situation, but after a few short weeks, you ought to start seeing some differences. If we think realistically your money would be better placed on Facebook, or even just back in your pocket, we’ll let you know. We won’t do a Yell on you.

Get to number one?

You’ve possible been misled this whole time to believe that being in first position is the best spot for your business. But the truth is it isn’t always the case. For example, why spend £10 on a click at the top position when you can spend £4 a click and get similar conversions?

We’ll work out what position suits your budget and return best, what locations deliver the most bang for their buck, and what time of day to push your brand.

100% customer satisfaction rate

Matthew - Transcend Coaching

“I had a website built by Digital Paw. I wanted some help with my Facebook posts and content as I just haven’t the time to commit to either of these. So far I’m genuinely impressed. The content is long, written superbly, and has got me some great engagement on my Facebook page. All round, I’d recommend Digital Paw”

5 star rating
Transcend Coaching logo

James Brennan - Mental Health Midlands C.I.C

“Digital Paw manage my Facebook posts for me as I have a few other ventures so I forget to keep my page updated. I did promise to get them content for the website but lost the motivation throughout COVID lockdown. To my surprise, they’d written a few articles for me to see how it would perform on Facebook. The results are too good to miss out on so I’m getting more content written monthly.”

5 star rating
Mental Health Midlands logo
Need a Google ads manager?

Frequently asked questions on Google Ads

Is Google Ads the right move for me?

Google Ads can be a costly method to advertise so it’s important you assess whether it’s right for your business. A few things to consider are:

  1. How much can I afford to spend to gain a single lead?
  2. How much can I afford to spend monthly?

Knowing the answer to these two questions will help you to identify whether Google is the right place to start advertising for your business. You can look at the costs to advertise and how much key search terms usually cost per click. Estimate a click through rate of around 3% and then work out the typical conversion rate from people who visit your site. This is goos way to judge if it is the right move.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, get in touch and we can look into it for you. We won’t charge, we want to help your small business so we’ll assess whether it’s right for you before you spend a single penny on either an agency, or Google Ads.

Do I need a minimum budget?

No, you don’t need a minimum budget. If you only wanted to spend £100 a month on Google Ads then that’s fine. Do consider that we will carry out work so our minimum rates start at £100 managment costs to setup the campaigns and then get them live.

Once we’ve setup a campaign we then charge a minimum of £50 to monitor a single campaign a month for you.

How much do you charge?

We charge an initial setup fee of £100 for a campaign for you. This will involve assessing your keywords strategy, creation of adverts, looking into locations to target, time of day and your audience.

Some clients just want help with the initial setup and there are no strings. For £100 we can have you setup on Google Ads ready to monitor it’s performance on your own.

If you want to have your account looked after by us, it depends on how large the campaigns are. Our monthly management fees start from £50 a month for a single campaign. We do a lot of work in the background and share reports with you so you can see the progress. If at any point we feel it’s a bad time to spend, we’ll turn off the campaign for you so you aren’t wasting money.

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